Christmas decorations with a touch of Spanish sunshine


The weather has been beautiful and the autumnal sunshine has been keeping me deliriously happy. But someone’s already thinking about Christmas. My friend Maite, who used to be a banker in Spain, now runs “La Madeja y El Ovillo”, a knitting workshop in Madrid. Her collection of high-quality made-to-order knitwear for children is adorable.

A few days ago, I dropped by her place in Belgravia, London to see what she was up to: she had just finished a limited collection of Christmas decorations that included the dolls that you can attach to windows and fireplaces, garlands, cute miniature Christmas trees for children’s rooms and also fuzzy colorful sleepers and gloves. There are only 15 dolls that sell for £30 each. The garlands are £30 and trees are £25 each. The pine cones adorning the Christmas tree pots are from Marbella, Spain. Memories of the summer — in the shape of Spanish sun dried pine cones — added to the Christmas trees. Nice touch, Maite!

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